Aevcor's Approach

Aevcor reflects our vision to grow exceptional businesses together. Our name is inspired by a compound of aev- (growing) and cor- (together).

Committing to the long-term

We have big dreams. We also realize that audacious goals take decades to achieve, not years.

That’s why we have a committed pool of permanent capital, backed by a tight-knit group of investors who share our philosophy of company building.

Accelerating growth

We believe growth is fundamentally driven by two things in a business—product and people.

We are excited
to invest and put our efforts into our products and our people to drive growth.

Building an ecosystem

We are creating a connected network of software and services companies.

These companies within the Aevcor ecosystem will benefit from access to our network of experts, capital to drive growth, and our best practices for strengthening and growing businesses.

Aevcor's Approach

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