Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after my company joins Aevcor?

During the diligence process, we will work with you to understand your business and map out our integration plan. Typically, you will stay with Aevcor through a transition period.

Why did you launch Aevcor?

We launched Aevcor to grow exceptional software and services businesses.

How is Aevcor different?

Aevcor is backed by permanent capital, meaning we are not limited by investment time horizons.

Is Aevcor a Private Equity Fund or a Search Fund?

No. Aevcor has permanent capital, committed by a small group of investors who are primarily entrepreneurs and operators. We do not need to sell our businesses due to fund lifecycles. Our investors are motivated by a deep belief in Aevcor’s mission and are committed to our long-term horizon.

Who are Aevcor’s investors?

Our investors are a group of operators and former operators who love to build businesses. Reach out and we will be happy to share details about our investor base.

What ownership structures are you open to?  

We typically require a pathway to full change of control. However, we are open to any current ownership structure including founder-owned, previously VC-backed, or carve outs.

What is Aevcor’s investment criteria?

The below are guidelines for what we typically look for.

  • Growing
  • Profitable
  • Market leading product
  • Loyal customer base
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