A permanent home to grow financial software and services businesses

We are a group of entrepreneur-operators who get energized by building exceptional, enduring businesses. Our goal is to help your company get from where it is today, to where you envision it could be.

Building an ecosystem together

We connect your business with our ecosystem of operators and investors, best practices, and permanent capital.

We believe building exceptional businesses takes decades not years, and requires investments in product and people.

Creating value together

Aevcor acquires and grows companies that are profitable and growing, with market-leading products. We love businesses with loyal customer bases.

Our ecosystem aperture includes software or services companies that serve Accounting, Audit, Finance, GRC (Governance, Risk, & Compliance), and Investor Relations teams, as well as Institutional Investors, Wealth Management and Financial Advisors, Lenders, and Accounting Practices.

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